The Dublin Tree Canopy Study requires vast amounts of data to be gathered to  accurately assess the spatial distribution of Dublin’s urban forestry.  In addition to the research team, the project has a number of contributors who have greatly aided in the  data collection process.

Adam_BerminghamAdam Bermingham is currently studying for a MSc in Climate change at NUI Maynooth , after successfully completing a BA Double Honours Degree in Geography and History. His MSc thesis will investigate the climate drivers of peat formation in Comeragh Ridge, Co. Waterford. His  core research interests involve paleo-climate reconstruction and land use change. He has developed skills with Linux programming and the R statistical software package, as well as policy and adaptation strategies. Adam’s aims are to establish himself in the field of paleo-environmental studies. Additionally, he hopes make a policy contribution related to local adaptations to climate change.

Karen_KeaneKaren Keane is currently at NUI Maynooth University, studying for a MSc in Climate Change, after successfully completing a BA Double Honours Degree in Geography & Sociology. Karen’s MSc thesis will study the effects of human clustering within the urban design, and the impacts that has on urban energy consumption and emissions loading. Her research interests include urban climates, climate sciences, socio-ecology, and climate change adaptation & mitigation.