Dublin Tree Canopy Study

In this study, we are investigating the urban forestry cover of the urban areas in Dublin. This exciting project is being conducted in partnership with the four Dublin councils (Fingal, Dublin City, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown and South Dublin) and the Office of Public Works.

Over the coming months, we’ll quantify the canopy cover area and assess its spatial distribution, identify the proportion of canopy in public ownership and estimate the environmental services provided by the current canopy cover.

Performing a canopy survey over an entire city is a big task, and to accomplish this quickly and accurately needs a suite of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools. Firstly, to locate the tree canopy we use image classification software to identify canopy from high-resolution satellite imagery. Then, to determine the proportion of canopy in public ownership we bring in other GIS data, such as the road and building locations. Finally, we use the i-Tree software to estimate the environmental services provided by the current canopy.

Once the above tasks have been completed we’ll compare how Dublin compares to other major European cities in terms of canopy cover, and make recommendations for tree canopy expansion.

2 thoughts on “Dublin Tree Canopy Study

  1. What a truly splendid idea. Is it intended to link this canopy cover study to tree health? For example, using physical assessment by qualified personnel, even if only for a statistically representative proportion of the trees


  2. Hi Louise,
    For the moment we’re just establishing the proportion of canopy cover throughout the city. Once complete, the dataset could be linked to another dataset, including one of tree health. Although linking the canopy dataset with tree health data is outside the scope of this project at present, we would be open to working with any party who had, or will have, such data.



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