COST Action FP1204: Green Infrastructure approach: linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests

Both Michael and Tine are part of the European research network Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) FP1204. This network aims to: “1) increase the understanding of the role of urban forestry (UF) in the context of green infrastructure (GI) from a scientific and a socio-economic perspective, in terms of the ecosystem services provided to people and to the urban environment; 2) to identify priorities and challenges for future research in the field; 3) to provide indicators and/or thresholds to be included by policy makers in local, national or international regulations about GI and UF; 4) to develop guidelines for GI planners and managers on how to implement GI approaches with an emphasis on linking the environmental and social services of UF.”

Tine is a member of Working Group 1, which investigates how GI and UF provide environmental services (like water control, phytoremediation, energy saving, microclimatic improvement) and what are the implications of climate change on these services.

Michael is member of Working Group 2, which explores how sociocultural services (like aesthetic, spiritual, recreational and education services) are provided and influenced by UF and GI