Dublin Tree Inventory

Conducted by Dr Tine Ningal between 2008 and 2010, this study mapped the location of over 10,000 urban trees in Dublin’s city centre.  More than 63% of the mapped trees were on private land (e.g. private gardens), leaving the remainder in a mix of public spaces. Of the 10,000 plus trees identified, 2,500 (25%) were identified as ‘street trees’ – trees located along streets. Each of street tree was individually surveyed during 9 months of fieldwork to capture more detailed information including: species, size, age, and the health status.

This study showed that 84% of Dublin city centre’s 2,500 street trees belong to just 4 species – Lime (38%); London Plane (27%); Maple (14%); and Hornbeam (5%).

This work also estimate that the street trees convert about 42,000 kg of carbon each year (equivalent to over 40,000 car trips in the city centre), and store approximately 1 million kg of carbon at any given time. Additionally, 81% of the stored carbon is held by just one species of tree: the London Plane.

The research achieved national recognition, see here for the news coverage.

You can see a published article resulting from this work here